The first Sprint meeting of the year was organized by the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club in wet conditions at Vazon Coast Road, 31-03-2018

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Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-1
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-10
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-11
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-12
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-13
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-14
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-15
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-16
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-17
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-18
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-19
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-2
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-20
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-21
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-22
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-23
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-24
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-25
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-26
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-27
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-28
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-29
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-3
Vazon Sprint_31-03-2018-30
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