.... approaching the speed of light!

21st May 2018

I'm not sure that an association can be made between web viewings on this website to the speed of light but, hey, this is my Blog so I'll do what I like!

Purists can e-mail complaints to CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR COMMENTS if you think I've overstepped the obligation to be accurate and factual within the laws of physics. I imagine my wife will be first to the keyboard... and one of my sons will likely join complainants. They seem to share a liking for correctness!

For the rest of you maybe you'll just go with the flow and allow me to use this lose association as a way to describe the amazing speed that the latest ONE MILLION VIEWS have been added to this website.

Something must have come together... maybe the stars aligned in just the perfect way... for my fastest ever million views.

My guess is that no scientist will bother trying to research how this event happened to allow me to repeat it at will so I'll just enjoy it this time as it might never be replicated.

Whilst I'm here I'd like to say 'many thanks' to everyone who keeps coming back to look at my pics and say that you are now part of a previously unknown 'Law of Physics'.

You can view a few old Blogs recording past MILLION MILESTONES here: