.... back from Jersey Weekender Festival to a pile of edits :-(

05th September 2017

I've already commented in a previous Blog that the August/September time seems to go into work overload!

It seems that the different 'compartments' of my life - both work/family/garden/cottage maintenance - and all the other things that keep our day-to-day survival running smoothly peak at the same time.

In a way this spoils the 'fun' which my life generally is. I'm a really lucky guy.

I'm able to just take the photo jobs that appeal to me and (most importantly) my missus allows me a long tether to do what I want. Of course having a long tether gives plenty opportunity to get it tangled around my neck if I step out of line. Not so good!

So I'm just back from photographing the Jersey Weekender Festival.

That qualifies as fun - even though one of the days was very wet. But hey, it's a festival so we just get on with it and a few beers, good music and the darkness of the night all come together to take your mind off of the discomfort.

But I'm now back in the studio facing the workload. I've got so much editing to do and now the only way through it is to put the hours in. During the next few days I hope to add many new Galleries. Keep a look at this Blog for the latest updates.

This is the latest update featuring the GK&MC 2-Day Motocross meeting: