.... it's catchup time!

03rd January 2018

Thankfully, last year won't get repeated. It was a year that my family experienced the death of my father, Leslie Le Poidevin.

He was a wonderful man who was loved, respected and compassionate. He made a real difference in the world by the way he chose to live life... and he led a life that was worthy of a movie.

He was of a generation that experienced being evacuated from Guernsey to Scotland as a child. Whilst there he had many adventures. He then joined the Army and served in Palestine where the adventures continued... like I mentioned before, there really could be a film made of his encounters.

Sadly, towards the end of his life things became confusing and an old wound he sustained in a roadside bombing made his mobility very difficult.

It was during these final years that I was privileged to become his carer until he needed more specialist help in a Care Home. This final move was the worst thing I've ever had to be part of but it was for dad's comfort and safety.

Maybe I'll try and write down some of dad's many adventures when I have a little time as my children and grandchildren should be able to share some of the stories.

All this Blog so far has been to explain why the last year or two have been challenging at times to find the time to keep this website up to date. The same goes for the cataloguing of my pics into my IMatch Database.

So the last few days it has been 'nose to the grindstone' trying to catch up with the backlog. One big update that has now been completed is to the 2017 Vale Earth Fair gallery... and it's a real biggy!

Find the pics here: