2-Day Trials were a great success.....

22nd March 2016

I had worried that the 2016 Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club 2-Day Trials meeting might have been a bit of a flop when compared to previous years.

In earlier years there has always been a sizable entry for this event. The numbers were usually boosted by many visiting French riders. These guys added a bit of fun to the two days. One got the feeling that they enjoyed the social side as much as the actual riding... all interspersed with a regular Gauloises or two ;-)

However the French contingent was unable to get across to Guernsey for the 2016 2-Day meeting because of the Condor timetable.

This was my worry. Would the event hold the same interest for everyone?

I really shouldn't have worried because the two days were just as much fun as usual. The Club had succeeded in attracting a good entry from Jersey and also quite a number of UK riders.

It was a shame that the sun didn't really show its face and the wind was bitter on the more exposed sections ... but the action was fantastic.

I've added pics of the competition to my Galleries. Follow the link to view the action: