20 years on and the legacy is as powerful as ever....

06th April 2014

We know that nothing can or will ever replace the experience that fans of Nirvana had if they were lucky enough to see the Band play live.

BUT, what we are able to do is keep the Band's music alive... and the best way is... LIVE!

Nirvazon were formed to do just that as a mark of respect and as a celebration of the great songs that Nirvana and Kurt Cobain recorded before his untimely death 20 years ago.

When such an amazing talent such as Kurt's is lost you may feel that his importance and influence passes too. How wrong that is. Saturday night at The Fermain Tavern was a perfect example of the continued influence a musician can have on a whole generation and beyond. There were many people in the audience (like me) who bought the Nirvana records when they were first issued... but there were as many young people who were only just born in 1994.

Each of us gloried in the songs knowing that many, many of our favourite artists of today carry the 'DNA' of Nirvana into today's and tomorrow's classics. What a legacy to leave behind.

These pics document a fantastic night of LIVE music which was received and appreciated by an enthusiastic crowd at the legendary 'Tav'.

Big thanks to the band, Pete 'Plumb' Bretel, James Le Huray, Tom Bradshaw and Matt Smart. You nailed it!

Special thanks also go to Lloyd Hellyeah for the superb stage lighting. A photographer is nothing without light:-)