2011 has started with two nights of live Music featuring FOURTEEN Bands!

09th January 2011

Only Mark Guillou could come up with such a huge task... and pull it off to near perfection! Rock of Ages-7 has set the standard for 2011 and it will take some beating.
OK, I'm still on the 'high' having enjoyed about ten hours of live music & FOURTEEN great bands playing at Rock of Ages-7. The size of this event is ambitious to say the least - particularly as Mark has such a small 'band' of willing helpers. But it was a fantastic showcase with a great mix of Bands.
Mark is the biggest supporter of new young bands and had seven in the line-up that I hadn't seen before. They were all well worth the chance of playing on a stage that spoilt them with quality sound and superb lighting. The 'pub' gigs that will undoubtably be in the future for many of these young Bands will never reach the heights of such a great set-up!
I could go on... but I have FOURTEEN Bands to add to the Galleries.
The first updates are for Urban Wendy, She Haunts the Road, Brutus Stonefist, United Snakes & Feedback. Take a look here ROCK OF AGES-7