2nd Guernsey Festival a hit.... more of the same next year?

30th June 2012

Jon & Paul Stephen once again pulled together a remarkable festival at 'The Warren' in Guernsey.
This was only the 2nd Guernsey Festival but already it was obvious that lessons learned from No. 1 had been acted on and improvements were made in the layout of the festival site, the facilities and many other details.
Once again the line-up of Bands was varied with great headliners. There were also Bands that were unknown to many of the festival goers before seeing them on the two main stages. I left with a list of music that I wanted to check-out in the next few weeks. This surely is a key part of the experience, fun and musical education of the festival format?
I have been reading the Facebook blogs of those that attended and there is overwhelming support for another festival in 2013.

However, it is clear that such a massive venture takes a big financial outlay and gives an emotional and stressful 'roller-coaster' to the two brothers. We must hope that when they have had time to sit back and count the cost - to their well being and pocket! - that they find the energy and resource to make a 2013 Guernsey Festival a reality.
Fingers crossed. Make your support known to them.
I was official festival photographer and was able to capture many of the perfomances.... great fun but long days with more long hours in the studio processing the pics ;-)
The first of many picture galleries have been added. More will follow.
Click the link to view the first pictures of Macy Gray, Hadouken, King Charles, The Spindle Sect, In Tyler we Trust, Delilah, Kassidy, Albert Lee, Josh Kumra and Kitten & The Hip.....