A 'Double-Header' of Motorsport.....

05th October 2014

It's been a Motorsport 'Double Header' this weekend. Guernsey certainly knows how to put on a Motorsport event... or two!

Both main Clubs were involved with The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club first to the line on Saturday with the annual Petit Bot Hillclimb. Read my previous Blog for the story... but to save you time just think "WET"!

Today it was the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club's turn to prove that they know a thing or two about running a race meeting.

This was the second time that a Twisty Sprint has been run (exclusively for Bikes) at 'The Track', normally the home of Kart racing.

The entry numbers were disappointingly low after the Club had made such an effort to organise this 'Special'. Now I know that I'm not a racer but I do wonder why the Bikers don't turn up in bigger numbers? Sure the speeds are low - and we know that Bikers LOVE speed. But the level of riding skill needed is very high. This is a form of competition that develops a riders 'bike craft' and the best technician will come to the top.

I spoke with a couple of the fastest Channel Island bike racers and they confirmed that they thoroughly enjoy the Twisty Sprints so I think the 'no-shows' have to re-think about supporting this event next year. As I said, we know it doesn't offer high speeds... but it is still a race and that is why you get out of bed! Isn't it?

The other plus is that the competitors get lots of runs. Win, win.