A few more updates to the Archives...

04th March 2011

It always amazes me how a picture can bring back the memories and emotions of a past event or special occasion. I have been 'reliving' a highlight for me in 2008 when I photographed Jersey Live.
This was the year when The Zutons & Prodigy headlined. Photographing Prodigy 'from the pit' was something special! I loved the high energy of their performance and the way these guys new how to 'work for the camera'. This is something that I have noted with many of the biggest names - they understand the power of a well captured 'moment' and will work hard for us photogs by 'throwing shapes and making eye contact'.
The result should be to the benefit of both the Artist and the Photog - an image that defines the performance for both parties.
I always encourage local bands to try and understand that there can be more to a performance than simply playing and singing and some of my favourite pics are of the local guys and gals that work hard at 'total performance'.
But I digress! I have been updating the Jersey Live Galleries for 2008. New band pics include: The Prodigy, The Zutons, We are Scientists, Velofax, These New Puritans & The Valentines.