A good month for pics in the Nationals...

01st August 2013

I've just had a really good month when judged by the number of my pictures published in National Magazines.

It is always a nice accolade to have a major publication accept your work for print. It is also an encouragement when the genre of the pics are so varied. So last months distributions will keep me happy for a little while :-)

My National Hill Climb racing pics were reproduced in two of the leading Motor sport mags, Motor Sport News and also Autosport.

Then it was Powerboat & Rib Magazine that featured a double page spread of the Guernsey Powerboat Associations racing.

Evo Magazine also featured a pic of John Dunne racing at the Guernsey Hill Climb.

And to keep things nicely varied my Commercial photography featured in Country Life Magazine.

To add to that mix I have had numerous pictures published in the Channel Island Newspapers, Magazines and Business publications. My pics have also been used by a number of Bands both local and as far afield as New York... today Guernsey, tomorrow the world, ha,ha?

I am often pondering whether my chosen profession is a sensible one... at least as a means of making a decent living. It seems that every week there is a 'new kid on the block' who has bought a digital camera, created a web site (or simply a Facebook page) and decided to to call themselves a 'Pro' photographer... wedding day bookings made at your own risk ;-)
This new competition often has a 'proper' day job and can afford to play at fulfilling their ambitions to be a photog. Don't misunderstand me, I accept it is everyone's free choice to do this.

But what this does do is add pressure on to those of us who only have our photography as a means of buying the real ale (oh yes, and the food)! So when National publications consider your work as being worthy of printing you get a little boost and encouragement to keep the nose to the grindstone... or should that be the back of the camera?

The long hot summer of '13 is proving to be a successful one for me so far. This web site might even break the 3,000,000 views during this twelve months, so maybe I'll keep this up for a bit longer yet?

As I say, 'it definitely beats a proper job, eh'.