A great new design option... just in time for Christmas...

18th October 2011

Well I'm certainly not one to lead by example when it comes to planning the Christmas presents... that's what the missus is for, isn't that right?
I'm 'dead meat' if she reads this, no turkey for me!
But the fact is that the festive season will soon be here. So I have added a great new design option to the Montages... and it makes a perfect gift.
The new choice is for the stunning 'POSTER MONTAGES'. These are more stylized than the standard Photo Montages and make a great 'Work of Art' for your walls. They can feature a selection of your favourite pictures and can feature Motor Sport or Band and Gig pictures.
I produce a design using selected pictures and e-mail a sample proof for your comment and confirmation.
These Poster Montages look great in the larger formats and are particulaly impressive as 'Ready to Hang' Canvases.
Prices and options can be viewed by clicking here: PRICES & OPTIONS
A Gallery of Montages can be viewed here: CHECK-OUT THE MONTAGE GALLERIES
If you would like to consider ordering a POSTER MONTAGE please don't leave it too late. Give me a call (07781 144525) or e-mail me E-MAIL ANDREW LE POIDEVIN and we can chat about your requirements.