A new hangover cure has been found.....

25th June 2017

I suppose I should thank the MTB section of the Guernsey Velo Club for getting me out of my sleeping bag this morning... it turned out that fresh air was probably a good antidote to my Chaos Festival hangover ;-)

It was sheer willpower that got me motivated together with the promise that I should be able to capture some good pics at the new custom built jump.

So as I headed off from the festival carpark at Pleinmont in my Tallpictures van/Motorhome my ears were still ringing from the two previous nights of music and my head was still a bit 'fuzzy'!

However there's nothing better to distract a sports photographer from his pain than a bit of dramatic action... and that's exactly what was on offer. The new jump was indeed a great place to get impressive action pics.

I've added a new gallery of the mornings racing.

When that job was done I headed back to the Chaos Music and Bike Festival for one last night of fun.

Those pics will follow shortly together with all the action from the Condor Ferries International SandAce ACU British Championships held at Vazon Bay on Saturday. You can see it's been another hectic weekend :-)