A normal day in the office......

15th August 2016

Saturday was Hillclimb day.

Got a nice ring to it hasn't it :-)

I've lost count of how many hours I've spent crouched on the grass verges of Le Val des Terres taking pics of Hillclimbs. Or how many miles I've walked carrying a weighty backpack.

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said weeks and a few marathons!

I'm lucky that on several weekends every year I get to call the 'Terres my workplace.

In fact if the hill could be fitted with a bar with a Real Ale pump somewhere along its length I'd be very happy to call it my office ;-)

However, for now, I have to entertain myself by trying to capture the best action pics of the racing.

Unfortunately at the end of the day I have to return to my little, dark office to complete the edit :-(

But now that I've finished the edit and uploads I can go off to my actual 'Town office'.... which incidentally does have Real Ale on tap!

Hey, it's been a long dry weekend and I deserve it :-)

You can take a look at the days work by clicking the link below.