A quick update from Chaos, beer in hand ;-)

28th June 2015

Mike Brehaut will always keep you entertained. He is great fun to meet for a natter over cups of strong coffee... never less than two cups! He's also very polite and always acknowledges his audience with a wave... see pic No.4 of the sequence ;-)

When fellow professional photographer and mate, Mike Brehaut (CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY ), took up the sport of Karting I joked with him that he was to make sure that if he crashed he must do it in front of me and I would guarantee to get the shot!

Well, as you see, we both kept our part of the deal :-)

Whats more, I'm relieved that I managed to nail the focus for the whole sequence of pics... my cred as a pro lives on till the next time ;-)

In fact, as I know Mike loves attention, I've given him his very own Gallery :-)

As I'm living onsite at the Chaos Festival this weekend this quick edit was done in my studio van (beer in hand) as peeps are chasing me to see the pics... the rest will follow.

I've just noticed that the viewings on my web-site are at: 9,472,666... could this be an omen Mike Brehaut?

Or is that 999, call me an ambulance?

Click here to view the whole sequence: