A slow start... hopefully with more to come?

28th May 2016

The Guernsey Powerboat Association Stanley Gibbons Race Series kicked off with a slightly disappointing first race today.

There were a couple of factors in this.

Firstly.... and nothing much could be done about this, it was foggy... where was the sun to make the sea blue and the boats sparkle and shine? Maybe tomorrows second race in the series will be treated to a brighter day?

Perhaps it's only the photographers who even care about the dull light anyway?

The other factor which surely was more under the control of man was the small turn-out of boats. This years championship had been heralded as 'bigger and better' with next years World Championships in our local waters generating more interest from competitors.

But, on the first day, it seems that many boats and their owners weren't even ready to get out on the water. I find it strange that when there are only about twelve races on the calendar and after making a huge commitment in time and money over the winter months that there were so many no-shows!

I know that some absentees were down to unexpected reliability issues or the late delivery of parts but we must hope that the promise of a 'best ever' race championship gets going next month in the second weekend of the championship.

I managed to capture a few pictures of the racing. Take a look at the gallery here: