A trip down memory lane....

11th October 2013

Last weekend I enjoyed a bit of a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Well OK, there wasn't much that was familiar in the surroundings to trigger my memories... but I used my imagination :-)

I was at The Jamaica Inn. The memories went back to a time that I took my first alchoholic beverages - some forty-two years ago I reckon!

Those were different times. I was under-age and enjoying a pub crawl which in those days involved an Island tour around the pubs, happy days!

When I looked around the re-furbished room at The Jam there was little to recognise :-(

But I'm older and wiser now and I was at The Jam to photograph a couple of bands. Getting drunk was not on the schedule... how times change!

So now, in my 'mature years', I only partake in my other long-standing passion.... listening to live music and there were two great bands topping the bill.

Sugar Slam are one of my favourites who I have photographed many times . They supported Insurrection who make fewer appearances but that makes them all the more special.

There was a good turn-out of supporters including too many photograhers to count! Modern bands are never short of pics!

I've added my own pictures to the Gallery. They record The Jamaica in 2013... I wonder if it will still be serving customers in another forty + years?