A weekend showcasing the best Guernsey can offer.....

30th June 2013

Last weekend, once again, our little Island and its people have impressed me in many ways....

It is easy to forget just how small we are when judged by the amount of varied events that are on offer to anyone with an interest in taking the opportunities out there.

There is usually one overriding quality to all these Events and that is the standard at which things are organised and presented. Again it must be remembered just how small our population and resources are compared to much larger places.

So I have had a brilliant few days watching and photographing just a couple of the weekend's Events - and I even captured a few rays from the sun, as my face goes to prove ;-)

Of course, for me, it was a weekend 'at work' at the end of a camera lens... but how can it be called work when you are having so much fun?

The weekends list included the Heritage Charity Sprint at Vazon coast road followed by the Full Boar Motorcycle Club Lock-in Guernsey - Round-2 at Beau Sejour in the evening. That was a busy day!
Sunday it was the racers turn at Hill Climbing up Le Val des Terres. The weather wasn't so nice but maybe it helped me avoid getting properly toasted!

Also slotted into the Sunday was a quick visit to the shoreline of Havelet bay to take a few pics of the Guernsey Powerboat Association's race. This offered a ringside seat to the Hill Climbers who saw how things can go wrong in any Motorsport when Resolution IT crashed out in spectacular fashion.
EDIT: I had forgotten that my weekend had started on Friday night with the first weigh-in for the Lock-in at Beau Sejour followed by a 'best ever?' gig and the Fermain Tavern by Elysium!

Both the Heritage Charity Events were superbly organised and showcased how things can work so well when different Clubs combine their resources. Well done everyone and I'm sure your target of raising £40,000 will be smashed.

The Full Boar Lock-in was another fantastic success with visiting fighters commenting on how much better the standards of organisation and presentation were compared to what they often get. That's one more tick for our small Island!

But, to return to my first comment on how I am always impressed by the standards of performance in Guernsey. After the Powerboat accident the rescue crews and divers were on-scene incredibly fast and the Resolution IT crew and their upturned race boat were quickly and safely removed.... and the race re-started.
Job well done guys!

My weekends work amounts to many, many more shots than usual and I now face a few days of editing (a bit of an anti-climax really). But it has to be done and I've made a start.
First pictures feature the Heritage Charity Sprint at Vazon. I am donating 25% of any picture sales to this years Charities.

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