After sixty years of looking I have discovered that I have a talent...

05th April 2015

Well, it has taken a while. Sixty years to be precise! But today I have discovered that I have an exceptional talent.

Now I know that some of you will not be surprised by this (at least my family won't be... I hope!) However for the rest of you who might have missed my special gift I'll explain.

Today I have shown that men can indeed multi-task!

I'm not sure if this is a first, but the fact that I have just completed a full edit of my pictures of the Autocross Summer Championship whilst actually watching Andy Priaulx race in the British Touring Car Championship must position me up there with some of the greatest (male) talents the world has ever seen!

OK, maybe I'm taking this a (little) bit too far but I'm dead chuffed! This weekend was always lined up as a very busy one for me and the need to keep on top of the shoots was important if I am to tick off a few of the jobs my missus has on her 'to-do' list next week :-(

If things continue to go this well I can see that steam-cleaning my cottage walls and a bit of painting will feature in next weeks work load.

Thinking about it, maybe I haven't been so bright after all!

Pics of the Autocross can be viewed here: