Alderney is more like a work-out than a photoshoot....

22nd September 2014

Alderney was as hectic as usual!

Three days of Motorsport is always going to be fun... and it was :-)

I find the weekend turns out to be quite a 'work-out' due to the mileage that I walk - always carrying a hefty kit bag. I must weigh it properly next year as I don't know the fully packed weight. What I do know is Aurigny refused to let me take the back-pack on board as hand luggage with a comment that it was 'WAY over weight!' Added to the back-pack is a Peli case full of additional lenses... oh, and a change of underwear! I don't travel light :-)

When this heavy kit is combined with walking to the events... up Fort Tourgis hill (twice)... the visit to Alderney is my best work-out of the year! And I haven't included the evening trips (again up the steep hills) into the town for a bite to eat and a few beers at 'mission head-quarters' The 'Campania'.

So it is no wonder that I need a few days rest after the annual visit to Alderney (if only that was possible).

No, it is straight to work when I return to the office. I have to edit a few hundred pics.

I'm working through them in the order that they were taken. So it is the Fort Corblet Sprint that is first online. Check the pics out here: