All action at Havelet Bay....

24th July 2016

There was action both on the water and the shoreline of Havelet Bay for Rounds 5 & 6 of the GPA Stanley Gibbons Series of Powerboat races.

Firstly, on the water there were several more boats in the line-up than earlier races. With the return of Diablo after a new V8 engine transplant the spectators were treated to three of these crowd pleasers.... it's all about the noise me thinks!

The V8 rumble works for me, but hey, I'm biased as I've beem driving V8 AMG Mercedes for years :-)

When it comes to entertainment value there is no substitute to getting plenty race boats to the start line as there are inevitable gaps as the competitors spread out around the course it helps greatly in keeping the public's attention if there are more boats.

Races 5 & 6 were the best yet of the 2016 series. Well done guys 'n' gals.

And so to the shoreline. Well I think some stretches of the harbour walls were fully lined with photographers! This sport must be the most photographed out of all the many that take place every weekend in this Island.

So I'm sure that not a moment of action was missed!

I've just uploaded my contribution to the coverage: