All action in St Martins.......

29th April 2015

I'm not going to claim that my life as a photographer is full of drama and action, shame :-(

But I do get the chance (or invitation) to go to places and events that I wouldn't normally make the effort to... but I usually end up really pleased that the opportunity was offered to me.

This was the case yesterday when I was phoned (late in the day) by the Guernsey Press and asked if I could cover the Under 16's Football League Championship play-off at Blanche Pierre Lane. The game was between Vale Rec and Sylvans.

OK I said :-)

I arrived just four minutes after kick-off but already vehicles were being turned away as the car-park was full... obviously this game had attracted a fair bit of interest.

I parked around the corner and made haste to get to the game but I had already missed a Sylvans goal.

As the game progressed it was Sylvans who continued to show the best form and by the second half they had more of the play than the 2-1 score-line suggests.

When I left the grounds I was satisfied having enjoyed an entertaining evening... one that I wouldn't have made the effort to see if it wasn't for my profession.

I've said it many times before, I love my job.