Already another high in 2013 with Sugar Slam...

06th February 2013

The Thomas de la Rue was taken over by supporters looking for a Sugar Slam fix at the weekend.

This band of old rockers (hopefully they won't be too hurt by me labelling them as such - but it's true!) took over the pub to launch their new Album, Fameless.

I understand that this is their first recording for 18 years. I guess that will make any contesting of my previous statement a bit hard to succeed ;-)

The Album was well worth the wait. Make an effort to search it out. It captures much of the energy the Band brings to their stage performances. The song writing is good and each track powers into the next with a grungy-raw rock sound.

I'm pleased to say that this Album is yet another that features my photography... so how can it fail to make an impact!!
I have lost count, but I think that now makes five Albums in the last twelve months. Rock 'n' Roll, eh!

My pics of the launch gig are now online and they benefit massively from Mark Guillou's stage lighting.
The stage area in the Thomas de la Rue is normally a 'black hole' and quite impossible to photograph. Not on this night though. Thanks Mark.