An early start gives more time to play... but there is a problem!

13th August 2012

What problem? I hear you say.
Well, of course if you were a racer you were rewarded for the extra effort put in to get the racing up Les Val des Terres started earlier than usual.
The endeavour meant that an additional timed run was fitted in, even though there was a large entry of competitors.

So what problem? I hear you say again!
From a racers point of view the extra runs, combined with near perfect track conditions, presented the ideal setting to challenge Class records. The amount of new fastest times only go to prove this.

I think I have now established that there wasn't a negative for the competitors. No, it only impacted on us 'poor' photogs ;-(
More runs means more 'picture opportunities'... and who can resist those? Not me!
So I returned back to my studio desk with more pics than I intended to take and with the extra work needed to edit, optimise, catalogue and upload them.

The latest pictures are now online. I hope you find a few that justify the added work-load. Maybe you will even press the 'BUY NOW' button a couple of times?
With the success of the extended racing I have a feeling that I will have the same 'problem' again in the future ;-)