An Island tour on two wheels...

24th March 2013

The Annual 2-Day Trials meeting organised by the Guernsey Motor Cycle & Car Club is usually an excuse for an Island tour. This year was no different!

I don't know if a Trials bike has a mileometer but if they do the digits would have rolled around over the last couple of days.

There was a good entry for the 2013 2-day event and each day the sections were spread around cliff tops, beaches and valleys. I did my best to follow the competitors and was rewarded by the quality of riding. Once again the Expert riders impressed me with their skill and nerves. It was just a shame that the weather on Sunday was so bitterly cold on the beach sections as this must have put off some spectators.

The GMC&CC make every effort to provide a weekend of entertainment for the visiting riders from the Mainland and France. The formula certainly works as there were plenty of smiles... even on the exposed headlands.

See you all again in twelve months guys?

Pics of the 2-Day Trials are now online: