An old record takes a tumble.....

04th July 2013

Yesterday this web site busted through its previous record of picture viewings in a 24 hour period when over 40,000 views were logged! This is an incredible number! But it has been worked for...

My time has been totally absorbed since the weekend by trying to catch up with three very busy days of shooting. I'm afraid I pushed the normal limits that control my photography... that is I shoot as few pictures as I possibly can!

This is usually a great plan. Why take three pics when you know that only one will be needed. This 'rule' of mine is always in the back of my mind and it works for me. I have often stood alongside other photographers, both professional sport and performance 'togs and keen hobbyists who fire off tens of pics to my one. That's not for me.... usually!

But I tripped up last weekend when photographing the Charity Hill Climb and Sprint. I seem to have miscalculated just how many runs each driver would get. The result was a lot of photos to sort through :-(

The Lock-in fights also produced a few more pics than I intended. For a start there were fifteen bouts and when combined with the weigh-in and atmosphere shots I had another pile to sort through!

Burning the midnight oil is the only answer in this situation and I have now managed to finish those Galleries.

Time for some sleep? Oh no. There is the Powerboat racing and the Elysium gig to get on with next!

I'm definitely going to keep my trigger happy finger under better control next time!

The completed Gallery is here: