Another chilly day on the Guernsey coast.....

29th October 2012

It was another windy and chilly day. And it was another of the Guernsey Motor Sport Clubs running a different Class of the Sport.

Like Saturday's Sprint Championships at Vazon, Sunday's offering was also on Guernsey's exposed western coastline. This time on the Port Soif sections of the GMC&CC Bike Trials.

This Round of the Championship featured a lot of sections laid out over the unforgiving rocks and boulders of the west coast beaches. I photographed on three or four of these sections and it was clear that many riders were really challenged by the hard and uneven routes. A brave commitment has to be shown when traversing tight sections over rocks as any fall is going to hurt!

I was really pleased with my coverage of Sunday's meeting. I haven't 'shot' beach sections for a while so they have widened my documenting of the 2012 Championship. I have also made an effort to capture a few more general views of the sections.

The picture Gallery is now online. You are welcome to 'Share' your favourite pics using the buttons below each pic.