Another diary date gets ticked of the list :-(

26th June 2016

One of my first jobs each year is to fill in my diary.

This involves ring-fencing certain dates which then become no-go areas to all possible conflicting events.... dental appointments, family weddings, painting the cottage, WORK.... you get the idea!

Now it should come as no surprise to any regular visitor to this website that these 'protected' dates feature special events that are close to my heart. Anyone want to guess what they might be?

Of course most of them involve either Motorsport or Music! Well done if you guessed correctly, you know me well :-)

Every year there are the 'must be there' events like the two National Hillclimb Championship days, the British Sandace Championship and music Festivals like Vale Earth Fair, Jersey Live and the far from chaotic Greenman Chaos Festival.

So you understand that I always have something to look forward to, there is always something to keep me busy and excited.

The other side of this coin is that as I tick off these events it is a reminder that another year is flying by... not a nice thought when you get to sixty-one! But it is also a reminder that every day should be filled with things that make us happy :-) :-) :-)

This Blog is slowly leading me on to giving you a link to my latest Gallery updates... and it is safe to say that the first pics that have been added should go some way to proving that I still know how to fill three full days with fun!

The Greenman Chaos Festival 'The Dirty Dozen' was the source of all the weekends revelry and rowdiness and I thank them muchly :-) These guys know how to organize a party.... Beer, Music, Beer, Music, Bikes, Beer, Sleep, Beer, Music................. Bikes, Burnouts, Music, Beer, Music.......

Why change a perfect formula?

As always it takes a couple of days for my body to recover (but it's worth it) and now that I'm sober enough to drive a keyboard and mouse I've added pics of the three Chaos Main Stage headliners to a new Gallery.

Three great bands that brought each day to a crescendo, I think they were pretty good too (from what I can remember)!!!

Pics of PUNiK, Kill II This and Static Alice are now online. More to follow shortly.

Moving on, I've already added the possible dates (end of June) for next years Chaos to my diary... well some things must not be missed!