Another sunny day on the beautiful Guernsey cliffs...

30th October 2011

I must admit that I sometimes wonder whether I'm a 'proper' photographer at all?
Saturday in Guernsey was simply glorious for the time of year. It was mild and bright and the autumn colours glowed. In fact a 'picture' awaited you around each corner.
However, with two cameras in hand and a collection of lenses 'to die for' I chose to put my time and talents towards photographing the Motocross Championship at Pleinmont - seemingly oblivious to everything around me!
In the evening did I spend time trying to capture the last dying rays of the autumn sun?
No, I was taking pics of crazy Bands in crazy outfits at the Halloween night at the Fermain Tavern!
What do we learn from this? Well I think it just goes to show what a diverse pastime photography can be.
Perhaps the only single 'linking' factor for the multitude of subjects that photographers capture is that we all aim to record a single moment in time... one that 'connects' to us as individuals.
I love my photography for this and would encourage you to dig the camera out and start taking pictures for your own pleasure. It doesn't matter what the subject is.
If others like what you 'see', then that's a bonus.
So having made this lenghty narrative I'd better show you my days work...