Are The Electric Shakes about to hit the big time?

11th February 2015

Last weekend Steve Lynch returned to Guernsey with his new band The Electric Shakes to play a memorable gig at the Fermain Tavern.

Now we all know that the music business is a tough one to make a name in... but you have to say that The Electric Shakes could be lined up for much bigger things! There is only one thing missing.

The band has a 'mature and finished' feel about their performance. It is clear that the three band members have all 'paid their dues' playing in various bands along the way. Their authority and stage presence can only be amassed the hard way. There are no short-cuts. Actual time spent crafting songs and playing live cannot be cheated on.

So I was impressed with the band that I consider a complete package... ready to make it big?

Well that is the million dollar question. The Electric Shakes are showing all the promise and talent to exploit any opportunities offered to them. But for now all we can offer is our support and keep our fingers crossed that the only missing ingredient comes their way.... LUCK!

I hope you find it lads. You deserve it.

Support was from Lifejacket and To the Woods. Those pics will follow.