Autumn Trials in the Dos D'Ane......

03rd November 2016

On a sunny day in the wooded Dos D'ane valley everything is as pretty as a picture.

With the leaves taking on their autumnal colours and the low sun I almost broke one of my 'mantra's'... that is that I don't take 'pretty' pictures anymore!

That all changed when I took up photography as a full-time occupation.

Back in my RPS and Camera Club days I took as many landscape, sunset, sunrise, flower, wildlife pics.... (you get the idea) as any other hobbyist photographer.

Somehow that has changed now that a lot of my work is to a clients strict brief. My other two specialties - Music and Sport photography also don't offer many chances to make a 'pretty' picture.

But as I edited the recent Trails meeting held in the Dos D'Ane valley I noticed that I was getting close to making a 'pretty' picture - all by accident - as natures colours were beginning to glow.

In the end the pics I ended up with were still just motorsport pics but I loved how the seasonal colour added a bit of zing to some of the shots.

You can view the pics here: