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29th June 2014

2014 was a vintage year for the Greenman Chaos Bike & Music Festival.

Following on from the first nine Chaos weekends the hope and anticipations were high for Number 10.

The early pioneering festivals had improved year on year. The question was 'Could the Greenman up the ante for the tenth anniversary?'

Silly question really. Of course they could, and of course they did, big time!

Thanks guys for a festival that legends are made of. Now let's stop the talk of it being the last. I'll see you next year or you will have to make your (good) excuses to me, OK!

The first gallery of the 2014 Greenman Chaos Bike & Music Festival shows my Guernsey Press submission for the Monday morning edition.

I was chuffed to see one of the pics made the front page. There were also Chaos pics on three other pages including a fantastic double-page spread in the centre. Total number of pics was thirteen.

Chaos has really made a mark in 2014!!

The logistics of selecting, editing, captioning and submitting a select few pics for an early Sunday morning deadline were fairly challenging, particularly as I was sleeping 'on-site' in my van so as to be able to enjoy a beer or two.

I actually I lost count of the pints of White Rock Brewery 'Wonky Donkey' Real Ale that I drank but I know I went through five four-drink tokens worth + a few more. And yes, I was a Wonky Donkey!

I dreaded that I would not wake up early enough on Sunday morning... but I did and these few pics are the result.

MANY, MANY more will follow as I work through the edit. Keep checking back....