Ozzy Ozanne makes it Championship win number 26!!!

27th April 2016

My weekend included a trio of sporting events.

First up was the latest round of the 2016 Sand Racing championship. The racing on Vazon beach is already building up towards this years Sand Ace meeting which promises to be bigger and better than ever. Make a diary date for 21st of May... this one is not to be missed!

Then Saturday night was spent ring-side at St Pierre Park Hotel photographing the Dinner Boxing. Both these galleries are already online.

The latest update is for the Autocross Club Banger Championship.

This meeting was something of an historic one with Ozzy Ozanne making an all-time record when he one his 26th Championship!

This is a remarkable achievement. It could be interpreted, when you see how dominate he has been for so many years, that he has had things easy with little competition.

However, this is far from the truth. Ozzy has faced stiff, experienced and talented challengers over all the years and has proven that he has all that it takes to be a great champion.

He undoubtedly has driving skills but you need the complete package to put together such a long run of wins. These include selecting the best wheels, preparing and maintaining a reliable car - to finish first, first you've got to finish. Then Ozzy also knows how to do just enough to win - saving his car to return another day.

We can reckon that this record could last forever. It will certainly need someone special to break it! Whoever fancies taking a crack at it had better not be too old as even if they were to win every championship from now on it would take them thirteen and a half years to beat Ozzy!!

That's if Ozzy doesn't have any more wins in him.... or maybe he's now run out of space for all those trophies?

I've added pics of the racing to a new gallery: