Bank Holiday thrills and spills on the hill....

07th May 2013

One thing is certain. Even on a Bank Holiday with several major events going on, Motor Sport can still command a good crowd of spectators.

Certainly the beautiful day would have helped - but this could be said of each of the events.

The loyal Motor Sport supporters were treated to a day of highly competitive racing with more than a handful of new records right across the Classes.

It is also a fact that amongst all the thrills an occasional spill is almost regarded as a requirement by some spectators.

The first concern is always for the safety of the driver or rider but after the event and with the knowledge that everyone is OK the talk gets around to how spectacular each crash was.

It is the unlucky competitor who has to nurse a few aches and pains (their ego also perhaps) and they are left with a 'project' to get back on the road.

I was saddened to see (and photgraph) Nigel Ozanne's crash at the top of the straight. Nige races on a budget and this was the last thing he needed. However this popular guy really loves his racing and he has bounced back from worse.
Next time he should make sure he bounces off the bank instead ;-)

We all had a reminder that our sport does have its dangers when Ian Le Messurier had a spectacular crash in the esses. His transport was more plane than car for a few seconds. Ian is not someone who looks for attention but he was certainly the centre of it for half an hour whilst Sarnia Rescue and two Fire engine crews worked to remove him safely from his car. The good news is that Ian has no serious injury.

Once again, like Nigel, Ian and his twin brother Paul are as keen as they come for their Motor Sport. It is highly likely that we will see the boys back on the start line quicker than you can say Bank Holiday Hill Climb!

I have just added new Galleries featuring the days racing: