'Behind the scenes' updates today...

19th January 2011

There hasn't been a lot to show for a full days work but I have been modifying various aspects of the 'framework' of this new web site. The Shopping Cart & Options have all had tweaks. Not much looks different but the updates will allow a bit more flexibility in the future.
My aim remains the same - to greatly improve on the navigation, searhing and shopping experience compared to the old web site.
A new SEARCH facility has been added to the site. It allows quick searches to be made. Type a word in the box and see what you get! IT ISN'T PERFECT though and will only search by picture names or the picture information that I have added, but it can be fun!
Remember to update your links/bookmarks to point to this new web site as all new updates are being made here. I will also bring many of the Gallery Archives over to this site... eventually.