Best ever Vale Earth Fair?... Follow that!

28th August 2012

I have been following the Facebook comments and Tweets and there is a nearly unanimous agreement that 2012 was the best ever year for the Vale Earth Fair. The guys & gals who work so hard to put this 'one day' festival on are to be congratulated.

There is always a massive risk and gamble when commiting so much time and effort towards a single day of the year. So many things (and people) have to come together in an almost gamble of faith.

What if it rains?
What if the Ferries/Flights are cancelled and the Bands can't get here?
Will the word get out there to the punters?

So much cannot be controlled or guaranteed. 'Why do they bother?' I here you ask.
Of course the reasons are the best there are. The VEF Collective are long time supporters of several deserving causes. The Burma Campaign UK, The Free Tibet Campaign, Oxfam and Bridge2Haiti will all benefit from the money raised.

The other worthwhile reason for putting in so much effort is to bring 'like-minded' music lovers into the same space to share a common 'vibe'. This was a mission accomplished once again. The music was varied and of high quality.... the people partied.... everything was good for a day.

I am working through a collection of many pictures of the VEF! This will take a while! I have been asked again to photograph the Jersey Live 2012 Music Festival at the weekend capturing the atmosphere and all the Bands so the updates will be a bit slow.

For now I have added a taster to a new Vale Earth Fair 2012 Gallery. This features the headliners on the Castle stage... Subsource. People will be talking about their performance for years to come.... it was that good!