Better late than never.....

30th January 2013

Better later than never... as the saying goes!

Well I suppose - to be pedantic - (I get that from my missus. We have been married a VERY long time) the latest updates weren't actually late. It is just this Blog telling you about the update which is late :-)

My excuse is that last weekend and the week leading up to it were very busy. On Saturday the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club held their Annual Dinner Dance and Trophy Presentation at St Pierre Park Hotel. Once again I was invited to support the presentation with a slideshow featuring a racing picture of each winner as they came forward to pick up their Silverware.
I also ran a slideshow during the meal and disco which followed that featured more pics of the Clubs racing over previous seasons.

I have stated this before but it bears repeating. I am quite amazed how good a digital image can look when projected eight foot wide when the resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) is sooooo low.
Todays digital photographers won't even get out of bed to use a camera with less that 12 megapixels. This equates to a pixel resolution of at least 4,000 pixels wide! So how can an image look sharp and detailed when seen projected 8 foot wide with just 1024 pixel width? Answers on a postcard or e-mail please :-)

But I have strayed from the point a bit. This latest blog is late... but I have had the latest 'shoot' online since Sunday night. This features the Winter Championship of the Guernsey Autocross Club on the beach at Chouet. If you haven't found the Gallery yet follow this link: