Big sky, Big sands... a recipe for fun!

20th August 2012

Saturday was spent on the beach. This is always a good idea on a sunny day, but if you are like me it is even better when you are inches away from racing Bikes and Cars.

There is a certain adrenaline rush that comes from the noise and speed and the 'edge' you stand on when surrounded by barely controlled racing machines. You have to keep your wits about you - and use the eyes in the back of your head (all motorsport photographers have them, take a look next time you see one!)

There was a reminder very early in Saturdays meeting that Motor Sport is potentially a dangerous and costly pass-time.
Martyn 'Rocky' Guilbert was involved in a nasty accident. First rumours were that he had broken a collar bone and had damaged an ankle. We all hope he makes a quick recovery and returns to racing again soon... although his bike was badly damaged - just to rub salt into his wounds. Think many £££££'s!

I have added new Sand Racing pics here - but no new ones of 'Rocky'. His racing was over before I even got there!

I also photographed the Karting at The Track on Sunday morning.
No major mishaps to report from here :-)
New Karting pics are here: