Boxing, about as tough as it gets............?

03rd July 2012

Now, I am not going to claim that my job is as tough as it must be to spend several rounds giving and receiving a bruising inside the ring!
But, when it comes to photography, my latest assignment was the most challenging I have done in a long time.
I was shooting the Amalgamated Boys Club Open Air Boxing - Guernsey Select v Manchester Select - at The Track.
Any photographer reading this blog will know that we simply record light!
Ok, we use various camera settings to make the best of what we see before us and we use our skills to compose and time the capture of any action. But we are still ruled by the quality of the light.

So it was with disappointment that I saw what I had to work with at the Open Air Boxing.
The ring had four yellow/orange toned lights (Sodium I think) high in the corners. There was also an element of natural light which was a completely different colour - changing from warm tones to cool as the night progressed. Having to shoot from a low level so I didn't obstruct the paying spectators meant shooting up into the lights most of the time!
The overall level of light was also quite low making capturing a sharp action pic that much more difficult.

There you have it. A challenge to say the least! I also found that no two pictures (even fractions of a second between them) recorded the same levels/colours.
The bottom line is that I have had MUCH more work to prepare my final pics than I would like. However there is a sense of satisfaction when I achieve reasonable results in such hard conditions. I could certainly do a better job with many of the pics if I spent even more time on them - but how long do you go on?

If anyone buys a picture I will do the final optimisation then.
This blog picture gives some idea of a before and after.... and this particular picture certainly wasn't the worst to start with!
A new Gallery of Boxing pics has been added here: