Brave Yesterday 'Promo shoot' pics added to the Galleries...

13th October 2011

I was pleased to be invited to take a new portfolio of promotional pics for the Jersey based Band 'Brave Yesterday' when they appeared recently at The Fermain Tavern.
In the true manner of how a Band sorts out its affairs this was all organised at the very last minute! This was no real problem as I was due to be 'up the Tav' anyway... where else on a weekend?
There was a limited amount of time available as the Band were due on stage so we improvised a couple of settings with what we had - including a very busy passage-way to the gents and ladies loos. There were many 'offers' to be in the shoot by the Tavern regulars, but we managed!
We captured a small selection of pics which have had a variety of processing styles added and are now on-line in the Brave Yesterday Gallery.
Check 'em out here: