Busy, busy, busy........

03rd August 2014

The weekend was a busy one....

With three major motorsport races to cover over the weekend it meant there was little time for anything else but clicking the shutter and editing the pics!

As always, it is only whilst sorting through the captures that I can recall some of the moments... somehow you loose a sense of 'being there' when looking through a lens!

I'm pleased to say that all the racing must have been to a great standard... I can say this with certainty. I've now seen the pics that prove it!

Take a look at the latest updates of the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club Hillclimb pictures by following the link.

I'm suprised that they came out OK as I was taking the pics just after getting off the small boat that was my wobbly platform for a few hours whilst photgraphing the first of the weekends Powerboat races.... all through a 400mm lens!

Sky, sea, sky, sea, boat, sea, sky, that more or less sums up what I was seeing!!

When I got to Le Val des Terres (late) it was straight to work and the world was still 'wobbly'... this was not helped as it was 4pm before I remembered that I really should have something to eat. But I survived!

I'm pretty sure that in the case of the pic that illustrates this blog it was Dale Crowsley who was having a wobble, not me :-)

Here are the Hillclimb pics......