Chaos 2013.... if you didn't stay to the end you missed something special...

16th July 2013

If you visited the Greenman Chaos Music & Bike Festival last weekend and didn't pace yourself I'll call that a big FAIL :-)

Why? I hear you ask.

Well if you enjoyed a few too many beers and a few too many of the sun's rays and if you took the early bus home you are sure to regret it when you hear what you missed! The 'hard-core' festival go-ers were rewarded and left drained and exhausted by Sunday's head-liners, Spunge.

The party/festival really kicked-off when Spunge returned to the Chaos stage for 2013 and by the end of their set the party had hit the stage itself after the audience joined the band in a massive send-off to the 2013 Chaos.

Words can't describe the atmosphere. My pictures might help you to see what you missed... but in the end you really had to be there!

Those of us who had the stamina got the prize... happy days!

I have just added a small picture Gallery giving a taster of what will follow, eventually. But for now I need to catch up with some sleep...