Chaos 2013 was MASSIVE... so are my picture Galleries...

30th July 2013

MASSIVE isn't a big enough word to describe the size of my Greenman Chaos Festival 2013 picture Galleries!!

Never before, and probably never again, have I posted such a large gallery of pictures for one event.

So was it worth it? Well maybe I'll know if you post a comment or two.

But, as far as I'm concerned I found this years Chaos Festival topped all previous ones. There was a great line-up of Bands in the main tent and also the popular Peace tent.

The main stage was bigger and better than before with a fantastic light-show... always a good way to get a photographer on your side ;-)

The edit of three days shooting has taken a serious amount of time but has the benefit of allowing me to 're-live' the Festival. In fact the odd thing is that quite often I will look at a pic and 'see' it for the first time, even though it was me who pressed the shutter! I guess that when taking pics you are in a kind of 'zone' with all the senses focused on the work.

If you were one of the hundreds who visited the Greenman Chaos you can also re-live the days by checking my Galleries...

If you were in a Band and like a few of the pics maybe you will think about buying a few :-)

I know it is a bit bad making a shameless plug to sell pics but it has taken MANY days of work to bring the pics to my web site... and selling a few pics is how I make a living (exaggeration)!

Full coverage of the Greenman Chaos Festival is here: