Check-out the new Photo Montages...

14th February 2012

Photo Montages continue to be popular - both as a gift or as your own unique and individual record of a seasons racing or perhaps a live performance of your band.
I received a number of requests for Montages over the Christmas period. Off course they couldn't be added to the Gallery at the time as this would have spoilt the suprises!
So I have now uploaded a few more to the Montage Gallery for you to take a look... it might even tempt you into asking for your very own version!
The way this works is that you can select your favourite pictures - either from this web site or I can meet up with you and you can select the pics from my laptop database. The second option is the recommended one as I will probably have many more pics of you than the web site can display.
Once your choice is made I go ahead and make a design. This is then e-mailed to you for comment and approval before the final print is made using Professional quality pigment inks.
Sounds easy doesn't it... why not give it a try?