Commotion at the 'Tav'...

02nd March 2015

Rumpus... now that's a good name for a band!

If I put the name into words we come up with something like this...

Rumpus, Noun: disturbance, noise, uproar, confusion, commotion, disruption, furore, rout, row, tumult, fuss, fracas, brawl, brouhaha, ruction, bagarre, ruckus.

I couldn't of put it better myself. But in this case I have Chambers Thesaurus to thank ;-)

Last weekend saw the return of Rumpus to play at the Fermain Tavern after a gap of perhaps six years. Way back then Rumpus were favourite visitors on the local scene.

So last weekend the scene was set. Could this band generate the same enthusiasm after all that time? Were their 'old' fans going to still come out to support Rumpus?

I knew the answer as soon as I walked into the 'Tav'... and that was even before the band took to the stage. In fact it was RentOClean entertaining the punters. Good set BTW.

But back to the headliners. We all know the famous advertising line 'It does what it says on the tin'. Well in this case we have an example of a band doing what they say in their name... you will have to look back up this blog for the full description.

I hope you need no more comment from me. Was it a great night? Do you really have to ask?