Competition is fun...

14th September 2013

If anybody thinks that the only way to enjoy Motorsport is by being out at the front then they really should have been down at The Track last weekend.

They would have enjoyed a Kart meeting that was billed as a 'Non Championship Fun Meeting'... and 'fun' it was!

The Guernsey Kart & Motor Club organise a fun Kart meeting each year and the aim is to offer a variety of unusual race formats which include Pit Stops, Handicap Races, a Ballot Race and a few Team Races.

The day is meant to be a relaxed affair (well, fun really)! Of course, have you ever seen a racer NOT want to win a race? So there was plenty of action... and I spent a short time capturing a bit of it.

The next time the Karts hit the track it will be for Championship points - and that gets back to the serious business :-)