Competition isn't just restricted to the race track....

03rd March 2014

It's interesting to note that competition is something that pervades almost every aspect of our lives. Of course it can take many different forms from a friendly game of Pool with a good mate in the pub right up to the top levels of competitive sports.

But have you ever considered that competition also plays a part in many, many (even most) other areas of life beyond the obvious sporting associations.

I was reminded of this yesterday whilst photographing the Guernsey Autocross Club's Banger racing on Chouet beach. The weather conditions were horrible to the extent that I wondered why I was making the effort to take pics. It was then that it struck me what one of the aspects I enjoy about my photography is - the competitive side!

Photography probably isn't a pastime that most people see as a competitive sport but in its own way it can be just as hard-fought as any action on the track. Let me explain in a bit more detail.

Over the years that I have been working as a photographer I have spent time trying to capture the best action pictures. During this time a considerable number of other photogs have been trying to do the same thing. What we all share is a love of what we do and a personal drive to produce our best work. What drives us even more is that we obviously want to improve on the work that our fellow 'competitors' are producing!

This is a very healthy situation - everyone is a winner. Us photogs gain the benefit of a gradual improvement (hopefully) in the quality of our work and the Sports we photograph should also benefit from the general raising of the standards of the recording of their Sports.

I find the most fascinating part of all this 'competition' is the comparison that can be made between each photographers work. It never fails to amaze me how two guys can stand only feet apart whilst looking at the same scene and then capture completely different interpretations. It is great to be able to maintain a convivial relationship with other (competitors) photographers whilst sharing something that we enjoy so much. It was this aspect, whilst standing out on the exposed, windy and wet beach that made the effort worthwhile for me!

It is not my usual way to give a shout to one of my competition :-) However on this occasion I'll recommend that you do a search for Neil Harvey's Autocross pics from yesterday as they illustrate the point I have just made... variety is the spice of life, as they say!