Completing another weekends work....

29th February 2016

I've already posted an update with links to my Saturday evening's work....
Pussy and the Dirty Johnsons

However, earlier in the day I had to spend some time in a far less comfortable place!

The south coast cliffs can be brutally exposed at this time of year when a chilled wind blows straight up from the sea and into every part of your body that isn't wrapped at least once in thermal clothing. All credit to the Marshals who stood around all day on their posts... at least I was able to arrive late and then leave before the end!

I did have a good excuse though. The Guernsey Press Sports desk required my pics earlier than usual. That was the only incentive I needed to return to my nice warm studio :-)

I've now completed the full edit of the Motocross pics. You can't even tell that I was shaking like a leaf whilst trying to capture all the action! The pics are now online: