Day 2 of the GK&MC Motocross meeting... the winners and losers...

02nd October 2011

Well I guess the the headline is a bit misleading really. The weekend was all about winners.
Certainly the winning ingredients of a very successful weekend of Motor Sport were the weather (who sorted that out?!), the new layout of the track and the general friendly spirit that imbued the whole competition.
As a Guernseyman, though, I can't help being a bit dissapointed by the way our Jersey neighbours walked away with most of the top places.
I could be rude and bitter but the fact is we must try harder. Maybe the new track will encourage the development of more new, young local talent?
The Guernsey Motor Sport scene is strong and is able to lead many of the varied formulas that are raced in the Channel Islands so I look forward to the Motocross section strenghening its show.
The GK&MC have a enthusiastic Committee overseeing the Motocross section. Watch this space.
I have added new pictures from Day-2... check 'em out here: