DINNER BOXING_26-01-2018

Galleries featuring the Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club's evening at St Pierre Park Hotel, Guernsey v Liverpool Select. 26-01-2018

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BOUT-10_Billy Poullain v Mark Bebbington. portfolio BOUT-10

Billy Poullain v Mark Bebbington
BOUT-9_Casey De La Mare v Casey Brown portfolio BOUT-9

Casey De La Mare v Casey Brown
BOUT-8_Jimmy Lesbirel v Kayne Chapple portfolio BOUT-8

Jimmy Lesbirel v Kayne Chapple
BOUT-7_Henrique Jesus v Dexter Makaza portfolio BOUT-7

Henrique Jesus v Dexter Makaza
BOUT-6_Tomasz Kot v Shaun Magennis portfolio BOUT-6

Tomasz Kot v Shaun Magennis
BOUT-5_Chris Sumner v Lewis Mullineux portfolio BOUT-5

Chris Sumner v Lewis Mullineux
BOUT-4_Niall Adams v Jake McCarthy portfolio BOUT-4

Niall Adams v Jake McCarthy
BOUT-3_Monika Duda v Elena Narozanski portfolio BOUT-3

Monika Duda v Elena Narozanski
BOUT-2_Charlie Watson v William Lawson portfolio BOUT-2

Charlie Watson v William Lawson
BOUT-1_Callum Langlois v James Kerr portfolio BOUT-1

Callum Langlois v James Kerr
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